About Anna Pink

Anna MartinAnna Pink's background is communication based. A freelance journalist/writer/author, for over 30 years, her skills have developed to incorporate personal development, holistic awareness, spiritualism and genuine understanding. Anna's skills include Lifestyle Management, Future Life Progression, Past Life Regression, Life Between Lives Therapy, Angelic Alchemy, Holistic Massage, Meditation and Reiki. Anna, who is based in Kent, UK, has experienced many of the issues you may present, and is therefore able to offer empathy and support and to nurture your dreams with an informal approach. Her services are available worldwide.

Anna Pink is also available for workshop/seminar bookings and collaborations. Please contact for more information.


"A truly inspiring therapy. FLP put my mind at ease and helped me understand how the things I am currently doing are all taking me in the right direction" - Andrea P, Auckland, New Zealand.

"Intuitive Future Life Coaching provided the tools to give me a better understanding of who I really am, and what my purpose is, and has enabled me to make swift positive changes in my career and personal life" - Cameron R, Brighton, UK

"FLP enabled me to find clarity, and to make the right choices for me. Without experiencing this technique I have no doubt I would still be chasing my own tail" - Brian W, Melbourne, Australia..

"Angelic Alchemy is a heavenly relaxing and therapeutic experience. It has helped me shift long-standing emotional blocks with little effort" - Sally W, West Sussex, UK.

"I have explored other forms of coaching in the past, but Future Life Coaching enabled me to access the creative, spiritual part of me that I always felt was there but couldn't develop on my own" - Claire A, Kent, UK.

"After a very stressful week at work an Indian Head Massage has to be one of the most relaxing treatments available. Not only that but you get a blissed out night's sleep afterwards too!" - Darren C, West Sussex, UK.

"I have wanted to explore my spiritual life in more depth for quite some time. Life Between Life Therapy opened all the doors I was hoping to unlock and has provided me with a very clear picture of what, and how, I am meant to achieve my soul's true desires" - Graham S, Kent, UK.

"I am already enjoying the benefits of exploring my future with FLP. Seeing my vision materialise in my life has been an amazing experience" - Bethany C, Boston, USA.

"My husband bought me a voucher for 8 sessions of Lifestyle Management as a birthday present. I chose to focus primarily on the growing of my business and I'm just about to open my first shop as a direct result of the potential I explored during the sessions!" - Lydia P - Naples, Italy.

"Wow. Future Life Coaching combined with FLP has quite simply altered my life for the better" - Dean M, London, UK.

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