What Is Lifestyle Management and Intuitive Life Coaching?

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The structuring of your life, through Lifestyle Management, is a very personal experience. It is about building rapport and expressing trust. It is also about defining and shaping your dreams and goals, in a way that is tailored to fit your personal life requirements. Rebalancing your life and priorities takes time and effort and this intuitive way of exploring your life and situations will enable you to identify the very best ways of moving forward. Lifestyle Management can support, challenge and encourage you along the way by understanding that your needs are personal and unique, but always achievable.

Lifestyle Management incorporates many different elements and ideas, and is lead by your personal specifications. This is a tailor-made service that allows you to explore yourself, your creativity, thinking, ideas and desires. It will also help you understand who you really are.

Intuitive Life Coaching additionally offers an opportunity to explore a number of unique techniques that will empower you to work through your individual issues. This service is available as individual 1 hour sessions.

How Lifestyle Management Can Help You:

Untapping, uncovering and unearthing your passion, desire, dreams, ambition, desire, goals, creativity and concerns can all be done with the help of Lifestyle Management. You will be able to explore every area and aspect of your life that you want to improve and develop. Key areas for exploration may include: work/life balance, career, family/parenting, relationships, gap year, relocation, retirement, weight management, addictions and emotional issues.

If you are stuck in a rut and have no sense of direction, or purpose, Lifestyle Management can help you get back on track. If you dream of living a life that is rich in abundance, creativity and balance, Lifestyle Management can inspire and motivate you to explore the possibilities. Whatever challenge you may face mylifesupport's unique Lifestyle Management can guide you through life's busy maze so that you can safely reach your destination and achieve your true potential.


Lifestyle Management - one hour: £350
- face-to-face/telephone/or via Skype

Intuitive Life Coaching - one hour: £350
- face-to-face/telephone/or via Skype

Block booking of 8 x 1 hour Lifestyle Management sessions: £2600.00
This includes unlimited emails.

Block booking of 8 x 1 hour Lifestyle Management/Intuitive Life Coaching sessions: £5000.00
plus additional FLP and unlimited emails.

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