What Is Future Life Progression (FLP)?

Woman with eyes closed

Future Life Progression is a life changing experience!

You can connect to your future, or experience next life or distance lifetimes and benefit from wisdom and positive energy you have gained in the process. You can also sample alternate futures, which will enable you to make decisions with confidence and insight.

FLP is a waking dream therapy that allows you to see into your future - you can see who you are with, the work that you do, the place you live in or anything that is a particular focus in the present time. You can also reveal your soul's true purpose and connect with a more positive future.

How FLP Can Help You:

Future Life Progression can help you make decisions, allow you to let go of the need to constantly stress and strive and to realise how everything fits together at the right moment in time.

If you are experiencing doubt, concern, disbelief, frustration, internal questioning, confusion, limiting beliefs, loss of focus and/or direction or any other issue that throws your world into turmoil, FLP can provide you with clarity, understanding, inspiration and the motivation to accept and re-focus and re-shape your view of your life and your world.


FLP - one hour face-to-face: £350
FLP - one hour via Skype: £350


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