For Men Only

Manful imageLifestyle changes affect us in many ways. Whilst women, on the whole, are open to exploring emotional issues, in order to improve relationships and to move forward in life, men prefer to direct their focus in other directions. The result is usually emotional implosion – an inner meltdown caused by the pile up of unresolved issues and dramas - coupled with the complex demands of attempting to maintain a controlled façade.

The For Men Only - Lifestyle Management course - is designed to help men understand, examine and accept sensitive issues like relationships, sexuality, masculinity, self-promotion, economic concerns and other emotional stressors. With sensitivity, understanding, compassion and empathy the journey of personal discovery you will explore will empower you to view life from a fresh perspective and a deeper level of self-awareness.


For Men Only – one hour £400
- face-to-face/telephone/or via Skype

Block booking of 8 x 1 hour Lifestyle Management sessions: £3000.00
This includes unlimited emails.

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